Monday, 30 April 2012

Mayor of London

With just 3 days to the election, former Labour Party and GMB union man Dan Hodges becomes the latest Labour Party supporter to come out against Ken Livingstone, in fact he is urging Labour supporters to vote for Boris:

"That’s why on Thursday I’ll be casting my vote for Boris Johnson. I’ll be supporting my local Labour GLA candidate Len Duvall, and voting Labour in the top-up. But I’ll also be voting against Labour’s mayoral candidate, and I hope he loses."

 And here's why: 

"Forget the number of cycle lanes or who attends how many meetings of the Mayor’s office on crime. The number one responsibility of the Mayor is to unify our capital, and give a voice to all of its citizens. And there is a single, absolute, uncontestable truth known to anyone who has worked with Ken Livingstone, written about Ken Livingstone, observed Ken Livingstone or spent more than five minutes in a room with Ken Livingstone. Ken Livingstone is one of the most crudely divisive figures in British politics.

And there is another truth that has emerged over this campaign, one which Labour activists cannot stomach, but which needs to be faced all the same. The candidate who has come closest, at a time of renewed political polarization, to being a unifying figure is Boris Johnson. As Labour’s own campaign coordinator Tom Watson admitted last week, “there are a number of people who tell us on the doorstep that they would vote Labour if there was a general election tomorrow but are currently considering voting Conservative because they either a) like Boris Johnson or b) don’t like Ken”.
Unpalatable though it may be, it’s the Blue rosette-wearing, Bullingdon-baiting posh boy who is reaching out across party lines. It is Boris Johnson who is defying the laws of political gravity, and is now favourite – thanks to the support of hundreds of thousands of Labour voters – to prevail on Thursday. And it’s Ken Livingstone, self-styled man of the people, who has become so unpopular with those supporters that he has had to remove his name and photo from his own campaign leaflets.
No more excuses, and turning of blind eyes, and resigned shrugs about “Ken just being Ken”. London needs someone who can speak for all of London, not just the balkanized segments whose votes he craves. If that guy happens to be a Tory, or a Martian, it doesn’t bother me. I’m obviously not quite as tribal as I thought I was.
We’ve held our noses and voted for Ken again and again and again. Not this time. On Thursday hold your nose, and vote for Boris Johnson."

Meanwhile, despite promising a month ago to clean up his act and campaign "on the issues that matter to Londoners", this morning Ken's campaign is putting out a photoshopped image of Boris, Cameron and Osborne looking like blue space slugs. That is actually Ken's campaign message in the final week: "Vote for the red newt not the blue slug!". And this man would be Mayor of London?

Vote Boris on Thursday.

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