Sunday, 27 January 2013

Leadership challenges

Leadership challenges are like overtaking a car: ideally you want to be brisk, purposeful and decisive. Unless you're likely to pull it off, best to hold fire.

Before you throw on your indicator and bury the throttle, you should have a look round, take stock of the situation and work out whether there's a chance of getting past in one piece. Otherwise you risk dithering into the path of oncoming traffic, looking like an indecisive behatted Sunday driver, while your fellow drivers point and laugh. That's best-case scenario, obviously.

required to report a crash
What we've got here is failure to overtake

One mistake is to poke your nose out prematurely, find a lorry bearing down on you, scurry back into line then attempt to style it out by pretending you never had any intentions of getting in front.

The opposite mistake is keep trundling along without any sense of purpose, behind a large, slow vehicle that is clearly holding everyone up. You have the speed advantage to get past, people shout at you to get a bloody move on, you know you ought to, but your courage fails and you blunder indecisively time and again, leaving yourself and everyone behind you stuck staring at back end of a tractor.

It can be a tricky dilemma: weighing up the risks and benefits, picking a moment when the path looks clear, making it stick.


  1. A thought provoking piece. I can tell it will pop up in mind several times over the course of today. And possible a few times after that...

    1. As Yoda wisely remarked: "Do, or do not."